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Weatherization, Retrofit Baltimore

Learn how to save money with weatherization & historic tax credits on June 27

Baltimore Heritage and Retrofit Baltimore are offering a new joint workshop in Charles Village on upgrading your home’s energy efficiency while saving money with city and state historic tax credits. Working with Retrofit Baltimore on energy efficiency upgrades can improve your home’s comfort and reduce your energy bills by up to 40%, minimize your environmental impact and create jobs for underserved Baltimore residents. For homeowners in historic districts, like Charles Village, Homeland, Hampden and more, many of these improvements, including replacement HVAC systems, insulation, and wood window restoration, may also qualify for the city and state historic tax credit programs. Find out how to check if you are in a historic district with our overview of historic districts or learn more with our guide to historic tax credits. Don’t forget to take a look at our collection of resources for historic homeowners.

Join us at the Charles Village Benefits District offices on June 27 for a quick one-hour workshop that offers an introduction to weatherization, energy audits, incentives for energy efficiency, and historic tax credits. RSVP today!

Weatherization & Historic Tax Credits Workshop

Wednesday, June 27, 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Charles Village Community Benefits District Office
2434 Saint Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21218

Questions? Contact Eli Pousson, Baltimore Heritage at pousson@baltimoreheritage.org or Evie Schwartz, Retrofit Baltimore at eschwartz@retrofitbaltimore.org.

Free historic tax credit education workshops extended through April

With the great response to our workshops over the last few months we’ve decided to add two more dates in March and April! Join us for our February workshop tonight or mark your calendar for an upcoming program. Learn more about historic tax credits with our guide to city, state and federal programs or learn more about historic districts.

  • Tuesday, February 21
  • Thursday, March 22
  • Tuesday, April 17

All workshops will be held from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the AIA Baltimore basement gallery, 11 1/2 West Chase Street. RSVP today!

Our historic tax credit workshops offer a brief introduction to Maryland Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit program — a 20% refundable income tax credit program for home-owners working on rehabilitation projects in designated historic districts — together with information on the Baltimore City historic tax credit for homeowners and businesses.

With over seventy historic districts across the city, thousands of Baltimore home-owners are eligible for tax credits on projects as diverse as repairing damaged masonry, restoring wood windows, replacing an aging furnace, repainting and more. Not sure if you are in a historic district? Check online using the Baltimore CityView Map (select “Landmarks & Historic Districts” from the drop-down menu of “Thematic Overlays”) or download a PDF map of Baltimore City historic districts.

Questions? Contact Eli Pousson, Field Officer at pousson@baltimoreheritage.org or 301-204-3337.

Jobs, energy efficiency, and historic preservation are now before Congress

Yesterday afternoon, Senator Ben Cardin announced the introduction of new legislation in Congress to expand the reach of the federal historic rehabilitation tax credit program. This would be great news for us in Baltimore, and in fact Senator Cardin chose Baltimore’s own Clifton Mansion, which the nonprofit Civic Works is restoring with the help of the current federal program, as the location to make his announcement.

Senator Cardin’s bill, the Creating American Prosperity through Preservation (CAPP) Act, helps smaller projects by increasing the tax credit on projects of $5 million or less and promote energy-efficiency. By supporting historic preservation across the nation, this bill also has tremendous potential to create jobs as Senator Cardin said yesterday:

“I am extremely proud of this bill because it will help ensure that historic properties are restored and made useful once again, while creating jobs that will stimulate greater economic activity. The Historic Tax Credit has created some 2 million jobs nationwide since 1978 and by expanding the program to include energy-efficient improvements and additional restoration projects, we can create thousands of new jobs in renovating historic properties.”

In Baltimore, the federal credit has been instrumental in numerous historic rehab projects including the American Can Company, Tide Point, the Hippodrome Theater, Clipper Mill, and Montgomery Park, just to name a few. The National Trust for Historic Preservation joined Senator Cardin in announcing that the CAPP Act is their top legislative priority for 2012. Republican Senator Olympia Snowe from Maine is a co-sponsor of Senator Cardin’s bill and with bi-partisan support in the Senate we hope that Senator Cardin is successful and that the bill will become law.

Start planning your spring projects with a Historic Tax Credit Workshop this winter

Starting to think about a home renovation project for next spring? Or even next month? If you’re doing work on your historic house, you may be eligible for the Maryland Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit program which offers generous incentives for home-owners in designated historic districts. With over seventy historic districts across the city, thousands of Baltimore home-owners are eligible for a 20% tax credit on rehab projects from roof repair, wood window restoration, or even a replacement furnace. Baltimore City also offers a historic tax credit that can help control the growth of your property taxes for up to a ten-year period. Learn more about historic tax credits in our comprehensive guide or find more resources for homeowners.

Historic Tax Credit Education Workshop

All workshops will be held from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the basement gallery at the Baltimore Heritage offices located at 11 1/2 West Chase Street. RSVP today for one of our three upcoming workshops!

  • Monday, December 19
  • Wednesday, January 18
  • Tuesday, February 21

We’ll be joined for our three historic tax credit workshops by Patricia Adams from Jubilee Baltimore, a local community development nonprofit that assists property-owners from across the city with preparing and submitting tax credit applications. Jubilee Baltimore is offering special assistance to property-owners in the Greenmount West neighborhood providing free support on their historic tax credit applications.

Questions? Contact Eli Pousson, Field Officer at pousson@baltimoreheritage.org or 301-204-3337.

Historic Tax Credit Workshop at the North Avenue Market

If you’re working on your own house or working to revitalize your historic neighborhood, you should know about the tax credits and opportunities available to you and your community. With over seventy historic districts across the city, thousands of Baltimore home-owners are eligible for the Maryland Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit program which can provide a substantial tax incentive for maintenance or rehab work on your historic home. In addition, main streets and residential neighborhoods are using preservation to organize residents, promote new investment, and preserve significant local landmarks. Learn more in our overview of city, state and federal historic tax credits.

Historic Tax Credits & Preservation in Your Neighborhood

Monday, May 9th | 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Open City Exhibit | 16 W. North Avenue, 21216
RSVP today!

Join Baltimore Heritage Field Officer Eli Pousson on May 9 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at 16 6 W. North Avenue for an introduction to the state and city historic rehab tax credit and a discussion on strategies for preservation and revitalization. This workshop is part of the Citizens Planning and Housing Association, Inc. Activate Your Inner Citizen program. AYIC is an annual series of universities, workshops and briefings created to promote collaboration and increase the uniting capacity of Baltimore’s residents and community associations. For more information visit CPHA online or call 410-539-1369 x104.