The New Lexington Market & Exploring the Neighborhood Around It

Faidley's Seafood (Entrance) 203 N. Paca Street, Baltimore, MD

For over 200 years, Lexington Market’s wooden sheds and concrete stalls have been a gathering place for Baltimoreans. And the market is still evolving! In October 2022, the new Lexington Market opened in a brand new building. On this tour we’ll first explore the surrounding neighborhood to discover how Baltimore emerged as a leading industrial and economic city in the 19th century. Immigration, slavery, commerce and major changes in transportation were all part of the mix here in Baltimore and the country as a whole. We’ll end with a tour of the new market, including its wonderful public art and, of course, its merchants (new and old). Please join us and make Lexington Market a part of your holidays. Be sure to bring your canvas bags to do some quintessential Baltimore shopping after the tour!