Join us for our 2018 Preservation Awards Celebration!

2016 Awards at the Green Street AcademySince launching our preservation awards program in 1961, Baltimore Heritage has recognized over 300 projects that exemplify historic preservation in Baltimore—everything from DIY rehabs of Seton Hill rowhouses to the amazing effort to save the American Brewery. This work and the people behind it are at the heart of historic Baltimore.

Preservation Award Nominations

Send us your nominations for 2018 Preservation Awards! We encourage you to nominate your own projects and achievements. It is quick and easy to make an award nomination! Here is what you need to prepare:

  • a short written description of the project or achievement;
  • names and contact information for all project partners;
  • and images (project nominations should include before and after photographs; achievements nominations should include photos of related places or people).

Please send us your nomination for a project or achievement by Wednesday, February 14, 2018. We plan to announce the award winners in late March and host our annual awards celebration in June. Stay tuned for details! For questions about the awards or about submitting a nomination, contact Johns W. Hopkins by email at or by phone at 410-332-9992.

Preservation Project Awards

Preservation Project Awards recognize outstanding bricks and mortar preservation work in three different areas: restoration, adaptive reuse, and sweat equity.

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Heritage Achievement Awards

Heritage Achievement Awards recognize individual people and organizations that advance preservation and neighborhood revitalization efforts in Baltimore.

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Preservation Award Guidelines

What can I nominate for a Preservation Award?

Baltimore Heritage grants six different Preservation Awards in two major categories:

  • Preservation Projects
  • Heritage Achievements

You are welcome to nominate your own project! Projects that are still under construction are not eligible for consideration.

Preservation Project Awards

  • Restoration & Rehabilitation Award recognizes excellence in the restoration or rehabilitation of historic commercial, institutional or residential buildings where the basic historic function of the building is maintained. This award includes both exterior and interior projects.
  • Adaptive Reuse & Compatible Design Award recognizes excellence in the adaptive reuse of a historic structure or excellence in compatible new construction associated with the restoration or rehabilitation of a historic building.
  • Sweat Equity Award recognizes dedication by an individual, household, or small business to the successful restoration or rehabilitation of an owner-occupied house or commercial building.

Heritage Achievement Awards

  • Heritage Preservation Award recognizes significant achievements by people or organizations in preservation advocacy, planning, development, education, law, media, scholarship, publication, and community leadership.
  • Historic Baltimore Neighborhoods Award recognizes leadership by people or organizations in the preservation, revitalization, and enhancement of historic neighborhoods in Baltimore.
  • Douglas H. Gordon Award recognizes people or organizations who take an exceptional leadership role in local preservation issues through organizing, advocacy, and action.

How do I nominate a project or person for a Preservation Award?

This year, we are using Google Forms to accept award nominations for projects and achievements. You can edit your award nomination after making a submission but you cannot save the form while in progress. You need include contact information for project partners, a short narrative (100-500 words) that tells us about the project or achievement, and a set of photographs to consider you awards nomination.

How does Baltimore Heritage review award nominations?

First and Franklin Church, 2011 Award Winner
First and Franklin Church, 2011 Award Winner

Once our deadline for submitting an award closes, a volunteer awards review committee composed of architects, builders, preservation professionals, and local residents meets to consider all nominations and make recommendations to the Baltimore Heritage board of directors. Our board reviews the recommendations and decides on the awards for the current year.

We notify award recipients in March and celebrate their accomplishments at our annual awards celebration every June.

2016 Award Recipients

Congratulations to the people and organizations who won awards in 2016!

Restoration Awards

  • 3025 Iona Terrace
  • Roland Park Trolley Stop
  • Washington Monument

Rehabilitation Projects

  • Green Street Academy
  • Ivy Hotel
  • 2212 Jefferson Street

Adaptive Reuse Awards

  • 1730 Bank Street
  • The Centre
  • 2300 Essex Street
  • 1401 Fleet Street
  • 1900 Fleet Street
  • City Garage
  • Hotel Indigo
  • 1106 W Lafayette Avenue
  • Motor House
  • 613 Portland Avenue Apartments
  • Southeast Community Development Corporation Office
  • The Xavier on Broadway

Heritage Preservation

  • The Historic East Baltimore Community Action Coalition for the Rehabilitation of 902 Montford Avenue and 2316 Ashland Avenue and for Advancing Revitalization in Historic East Baltimore
  • Meadow Property Management Group for the Rehabilitation of 416 and 426 Mosher Street and for Advancing Revitalization in Historic Marble Hill
  • Mount Vernon Place Conservancy for Outstanding Outreach and Engagement during the Restoration of the Washington Monument
  • The Reinvestment Fund for the Rehabilitation of 433 and 435 East Lanvale Street and for Advancing Revitalization in Historic Greenmount West

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