Historic Tax Credit Workshop at the North Avenue Market

If you’re working on your own house or working to revitalize your historic neighborhood, you should know about the tax credits and opportunities available to you and your community. With over seventy historic districts across the city, thousands of Baltimore home-owners are eligible for the Maryland Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit program which can provide a substantial tax incentive for maintenance or rehab work on your historic home. In addition, main streets and residential neighborhoods are using preservation to organize residents, promote new investment, and preserve significant local landmarks. Learn more in our overview of city, state and federal historic tax credits.

Historic Tax Credits & Preservation in Your Neighborhood

Monday, May 9th | 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Open City Exhibit | 16 W. North Avenue, 21216
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Join Baltimore Heritage Field Officer Eli Pousson on May 9 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at 16 6 W. North Avenue for an introduction to the state and city historic rehab tax credit and a discussion on strategies for preservation and revitalization. This workshop is part of the Citizens Planning and Housing Association, Inc. Activate Your Inner Citizen program. AYIC is an annual series of universities, workshops and briefings created to promote collaboration and increase the uniting capacity of Baltimore’s residents and community associations. For more information visit CPHA online or call 410-539-1369 x104.

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