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Exploring Jewish Immigration: A Walking Tour in Bolton Hill and Reservoir Hill

Baltimore’s Jewish community arose through several distinct waves of immigration during the 19th and 20th centuries. There’s no better place to investigate this legacy than the Reservoir Hill/Bolton Hill district, where Jews from three different immigration waves intermingled in the years before World War II: “fresh off the boat” refugees from Nazism, Russian and Polish immigrants who arrived between the 1880s and 1920s, and descendants of Central European Jews who came in the mid-19th century. This walking tour will reveal surprising facets of Baltimore Jewish history by focusing on interactions within this diverse Jewish population. The tour, led by historian Deborah Weiner, will highlight the district’s synagogues as well as the homes of Jews who played a significant role in the Jewish community and in Baltimore more generally.

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One House at a Time Property Auction including Select Historic Properties

Join One House at a Time for their next auction on Thursday, June 9, 2016. In addition to the 30-plus residential properties regularly featured at these bi-monthly auctions, this event will include three Select Auction properties:

  • 801 N. Arlington Avenue – Sellers Mansion, Lafayette Square
  • 2500 Eutaw Place – Emerson Mansion, Reservoir Hill
  • 21 E. North Avenue – Formerly Odell’s Restaurant and Bar, Charles North

Read the OHAAT Select Auction Bidder Application Instructions for more information on the process.

In the general property auction, only qualified bidders are eligible to participate. Apply to become a bidder. The minimum bid for each residential property is $5,000.00. Titles are delivered free and clear of all liens and encumbrances. You pay only the bid price and your closing costs. To access a property for inspection prior to the auction, contact A.J. Billig, at 410-296-8440.

Sellers Mansion, Captain Emerson Mansion and former Odell’s Restaurant up for auction on June 9

Three significant historic buildings are up for auction next month as part of the new One House at a Time Select Auction—the Sellers Mansion at Lafayette Square, the Emerson Mansion in Reservoir Hill and the former Odell’s Restaurant on North Avenue. In contrast to the rowhouses usually listed in One House at a Time’s bi-monthly  property auctions, these buildings are much larger and better suited to a multifamily, mixed-use, or commercial use. Minimum bids for all three buildings are set at $10,000. The application asks interested bidders to explain their experience with the rehabilitation of vacant multifamily, mixed use, or commercial properties, show their ability to finance the development, and be in good standing as a property owner in Baltimore. To avoid the continued neglect, buyers are also expected to abate the vacant building notice within one year after settlement.

Learn more about these buildings and help us spread the word to help make sure that these properties are developed and preserved.

Sellers Mansion – 801 N. Arlington Avenue

Photograph by Eli Pousson, 2009 October
Sellers Mansion, 2009 October

Built in 1868, the Sellers Mansion (801 North Arlington Street) is a three-story Second Empire brick house with a mansard roof that rivaled its outer suburban contemporaries in size, quality of craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

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Captain Isaac Emerson Mansion – 2500 Eutaw Place

2015 February 19
Emerson Mansion, 2015 February 19

The grand Emerson Mansion was built in 1895 by Captain Isaac Edward Emerson at 2500 Eutaw Place. Over the past twenty years, the condition of the building has deteriorated from bad to worse as broken windows have left the interior open to the weather and copper architectural elements have been stolen.

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Former Odell’s Restaurant and Bar – 21 E. North Avenue

Courtesy A.J. Billing & Co. Auctioneers.
Courtesy A.J. Billing & Co. Auctioneers.

Odell Brock opened Odell’s Restaurant and Bar at this former automobile showroom on North Avenue in 1976. Brock passed away in 1985 but the club continued to operate until it closed in 1992. According to the SunOdell’s was “revered by some as the heart of house and dance music in Baltimore in the 80s.”

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Resident concerns are shaping revisions to the B&P Tunnel Project

After a year of input from Baltimore residents and our continued work through the Section 106 preservation review process, we are seeing real changes to the B&P Tunnel Project. Two public meetings this month are an opportunity for you to get an update on the project including new alternatives for the ventilation plant sited for Reservoir Hill.

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