New Five Minute Histories Videos Will Resume on August 10

Hello friends of Baltimore Heritage! We decided to take a video vacation this week. We will post a new episode on August 10 and look forward to connecting with you then. Click here for all of the 60+ videos that we have already shot!


  1. Emily Fleming says:

    I would like to make a suggestion for one of your exhibits/programs.

    The Institute of Notre Dame at 901 Asquith St was recently closed after 150+ years of continued teaching. It is the oldest all-girl Catholic School. I say “School,” and not “High School,” because in its originality, it accepted girls from FIRST GRADE thru TWELFTH GRADE. I for one, attended IND from the 1st grade, and graduated from the high school in 1967.
    There is a wealth of history and information beyond these walls at Asquith St and Ashland Ave, and I feel certain that a presentation of this would be very well received.

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