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News: Baltimore: The Birthplace of American Cycling?

Baltimore: The Birthplace of American Cycling?, Ron Cassie, Baltimore Magazine, July 29, 2014.

Famous (in our minds, at least) as the “City of Firsts,” the Maryland Historical Society, partnering with Baltimore Heritage, has launched a campaign to win recognition of Charm City’s unique role in early American cycling. According to a press release from the Maryland Historical Society, the first-ever American bicycle was built in 1818 by Baltimore piano-maker James Stewart. Who knew?

News: Archeologists Dig Up 200-Year-Old History In Patterson Park

Archeologists Dig Up 200-Year-Old History In Patterson Park, WJZ News Sun, April 21, 2014.

They’re searching for history on what used to be Hampstead Hill. Using high-tech radar and shovels, Baltimore Heritage has launched an archeological dig in Patterson Park.

“We started out here with our remote sensing. We have ground penetrating radar. This is a way to cover a lot of ground quickly without disturbing the soil. We try to dig as little as possible on a really historic site because we don’t want to damage the site,” said archeologist John Bedell, of Louis Berger Group. Bedell says it’s a great Baltimore story, where 15,000 proud city residents and dozens of cannons formed a line of defense against the British in 1814.