About our Board

Our board meets monthly with officers forming the Executive Committee and additional board committees including Education, Neighborhoods, Advocacy, Development, and Finance.  


President Krista D. Green First Vice President Mara Murdoch, AIA Second Vice President Lesley Humphreys Treasurer Kristen Mitchell Secretary Ralph Brown, MD Membership Secretary Dominick Dunnigan Immediate Past President Elise A. Butler, Esq.

Committee Chairs

Board Development Katherine A. Hearn Development Dominick Dunnigan Education Lesley Humphries Finance Kristin Mitchell Neighborhoods Arlene Fisher  


Will Backstrom John R. Breihan Andrew J. Colletta Matthew Compton, AIA Graham Coreil-Allen Elizabeth Doyle Arlene B. Fisher David A. Gadsby Douglas R. Gorius Jean Rambo Hankey Katherine A. Hearn Senator Verna Jones-Rodwell Sarah Krum Julian L. Lapides William Lee, LCSW America Lesh John Maclay Malcolm William Mason Peter Morrill Stacey Pack Fred Scharmen Wayne R. Schaumburg Susan W. Talbott Mark Thistel Delegate Mary Washington, Ph.D. Barbara K. Weeks