Announcing the Laurel Cemetery Memorial Project’s Inaugural Newsletter

Baltimore Heritage is delighted to have a guest blog post by Dr. Elgin Klugh, chair of the Laurel Cemetery Memorial Project, announcing the group’s inaugural newsletter! The Laurel Cemetery Memorial Project is dedicated to telling the untold history and fate of Baltimore’s first nonsectarian African American cemetery and the thousands of individuals buried there. Read more about it below! 



The Laurel Cemetery Memorial Project is excited to share with you the inaugural issue of the Laurel Cemetery Memorial Project, Inc. newsletter. This is the first issue of future quarterly newsletters where we will report research findings, recent activities, and provide biographical profiles and feature articles of interest about Baltimore’s historic Laurel Cemetery.

It is our hope that you will appreciate, feel enriched by, and support our work as we strive to honor the thousands of individuals buried at Laurel Cemetery. Please join us as we uncover the forgotten past of this historic sacred ground.

Additional information can be found on the project’s website.

Please contact with suggestions for articles, events, or news to include in future editions.

–Dr. Elgin Klugh

Click on this image to read the newsletter!


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