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Image of white stone grave markers lying on the ground with overlaid text reading: "Volunteer with the Friends of St. Vincent's Cemetery"

St. Vincent’s Cemetery Spring 2016 Clean-Up Day in Clifton Park

Join the Friends of St. Vincent Cemetery on Saturday, April 23, 2016 for their Spring 2016 Clean-up Day. Abandoned and almost totally forgotten, this Catholic cemetery in the heart of Clifton Park holds the remains of 3,638 people. Over the past several years, the Friends have worked tirelessly to remove a jungle of weeds, salvage grave markers, and help families identify members buried there.

Wear work clothes and sturdy shoes to join the effort pulling weeds and cleaning debris from this wonderful place that is slowly but surely being brought back to its rightful dignity.

For more information, contact Ms. Stephanie Town at rakeleafs@yahoo.com or 610-368-1910.

Volunteer Tour Guides Wanted! Baltimore History 101 Training with Wayne Schaumburg

Do you love Baltimore’s historic places and have a few hours to volunteer on Sunday mornings? Becoming a tour guide is a great way to get to know Baltimore better and to help share the stories behind our fantastic historic places with others. If you are interested, or even curious as to what’s involved, please join us us at Clifton Mansion for a “Baltimore History 101” session with historian Wayne Schaumburg.

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A large mansion composed of a four-story tower attached to a three-story main building.

Encountering Johns Hopkins at Clifton: The Man & His Legacy

The philanthropist Johns Hopkins forever shaped not only Baltimore and Maryland but the fields of higher education and philanthropy. Civic Works, the nonprofit youth corps that recently restored the mansion and has its headquarters there is hosting a talk by Mr. Russ Sears on Mr. Hopkins in conjunction with a new exhibit containing books, articles, and artifacts relating the Hopkins' life. Tours of the mansion will also be available.

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