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Bmore Historic 2016

Bmore Historic is back for our fifth annual unconference on preservation, public history, and cultural heritage in Baltimore and the region! Sign up today and RSVP on Facebook.

If you’ve never been to Bmore Historic, this annual is an affordable opportunity to connect with a diverse group of colleagues and neighbors who share your interest in local history, historic places, and community. Scholars, students, professionals, and activists are all welcomed and encouraged to participate. Read our Bmore Historic 101 guide for more.

This year, you can follow along as we plan the unconference on our public Trello board. You can also use Trello to start sharing ideas for workshops or sessions. Comment on the board to share an idea and we’ll set up cards where you can vote on your favorites.

Finally, I want to thank UMBC’s Orser Center for the Study of Place, Community, and Culture for their continued support of the unconference as our lead sponsor. If you are interested in supporting Bmore Historic this year, please get in touch! Sponsorship is essential to making this event happen every year.

Call for Papers: Baltimore Revisited – Social History for the Twenty-First Century City

Baltimore Revisited: Social History for the Twenty-First Century City will draw from a wide range of researchers inside and outside of the academy to tell the stories of how and why Baltimore looks and functions as it does today. We are specifically looking for heavily researched pieces written in an accessible voice that can offer new perspectives on the city’s social history grounded in the specific places, neighborhoods, and communities in Baltimore. Each chapter could stand alone, but together, they will offer a newer vision of local history from the ground up to complicate our view of the past, as well as the present.

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Join us for Bmore Historic—Baltimore’s preservation and public history unconference

Bmore Historic — Baltimore’s annual unconference on preservation, public history and cultural heritage—is returning to the Maryland Historical Society this fall on Friday, September 25.

Bmore Historic isn’t like most historic preservation workshops or trainings. Bmore Historic is an unconference—a gathering that emphasizes the important contributions that each and every participant brings into a full day of discussion sessions, workshops and conversations. We invite neighborhood activists, history teachers, graduate students, museum professionals and preservationists to share their knowledge about how preservation and public history can make Baltimore a better place to live, work and learn.

Each year we love to bring together a diverse community of history nerds who want to network with neighbors and improve our shared efforts to turn historic places and cultural heritage into a vital resource for our community. Over the past four years, hundreds of participants have led or participated in sessions on everything from modernist architecture to records management to deindustrialization and historic preservation to finding an 21st century audience for historic sites!

Sounds interesting? Learn more about Bmore Historic and check out our tips and tricks for unconferences. If you’re sold already, you are welcome to go ahead and register to join us this fall. If you have questions or ideas, please comment here, get in touch at 301-204-3337 or share your thoughts on the Bmore Historic Facebook Group.

News: Field Tripping – Getting Historic

Thank you to everyone who came out and joined us for our Bmore Historic 2014 unconference earlier this month. Read Kate Drabinski’s column for a great take on the day or check out the unconference blog for more details.

Field Tripping: Getting Historic, Kate Drabinski, Baltimore City Paper, October 21, 2014.

“Thing is, though, my job also means that this year’s Bmore Historic Unconference is as much a field trip as a work obligation, and I got to spend the day sharing equal parts curiosity and righteous indignation with a wide swath of Baltimore-area history buffs, museum professionals, preservationists, students, and nerds as we asked those good questions of what counts as history, whose histories matter, and what the heck we should do with them…

Other sessions served as skill-building workshops in oral history, DIY genealogy, connecting youth to history and heritage issues, and how to use open-source web resources to curate online archives and collections. Eli Pousson from Baltimore Heritage shared its Explore Baltimore Heritage app that allows users to pull up historic photographs and narratives of sites all over the city from their smartphones. Drawing on her work in oral history as part of University of Baltimore’s Baltimore ’68 project, Elizabeth Nix led a packed workshop on how to do oral histories. Participants shared their ongoing Baltimore-based projects gathering the stories of such wide-ranging groups as veterans, LGBTQ people, youth, elders, laborers, suburbanites, and alt kids. These projects hope to bring out the many different and diverse ways that people have made Baltimore home.”

Bmore Historic (and #drinkingaboutmuseums) Happy Hour at the Owl Bar

The Bmore Historic Happy Hour is returning to the Owl Bar at the stylish and historic Belvedere Hotel. Opened in 1903, the Owl Bar survived the challenges of Prohibition and continues to impress with a handsome tile interior and stunning stained glass behind the bar. Even better—their happy hour specials include draft beers and house wines for $3 through 7:00 PM.

We’re teaming up this year with #drinkingaboutmuseums to welcome not just everyone participating in the Bmore Historic unconference but also anyone and everyone who works at a local museum or just wants to hang out for a fun crowd of curators, historians, archivists, and preservation activists!
P.S. Don’t forget to register to join us Bmore Historic during the day on Friday, October 10 and the THATCampGames Historic Game Jam on the morning of Sunday, October 12.