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A stone sculpture of a horse sitting on an abstract wave with columns in the background.

Enjoy the fall weather on a unique tour this October Explore landmarks and history on a bike, listening to music, and on a bus tour!

Fall weather is perfect for going new places and exploring the city by bike and bus. We have three new tours lined up over the next few weeks including a beer history themed bike tour, a classical concert at a classical landmark, and a bus tour with local architect Tom Liebel for Doors Open Baltimore.

Baltimore Beer Week 2017 is coming up and Dr. Ralph Brown has volunteered to lead a morning ride on Saturday, October 14 covering breweries and beer-drinkers from the past. The bike tour ends with a sampler flight of beers at the Heavy Seas Alehouse (price included with registration), where we’ll hear from some of the folks making beer in Baltimore today.

The next day, October 15, we’ll be at the War Memorial Building for a tour where we can check out the recent window restoration of this historic landmark and then sit down to enjoy a performance by the Hopkins Symphony Orchestra. We’re excited to partner on this program with the orchestra and to offer a second performance on December 3 with new selections and soloists from the JHU Choral Society and Baltimore School for the Arts chorus.

Finally, you can close out the month with a Doors Open bus tour of local architecture and history from downtown to West Baltimore and back again led by Tom Liebel, architect and chair of Baltimore’s Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation. Our ride will include stops at six wonderful historic places: the 1814 Peale Museum, Union Baptist Church on Druid Hill Avenue, the Arabber Center off of Pennsylvania Avenue, the 1806 St. Mary’s Seminary Chapel in Seton Hill, the Le Mondo art and performance space on Howard Street, and the War Memorial Building near City Hall by architect Laurence Hall Fowler.

Doors Open Baltimore now includes a full weekend with free open houses and self-guided tours of over fifty sites on Saturday, October 28 and dozens of special events and guided tours on Sunday, October 29. We hope you can be part of this fun annual event!

The Enduring Value of Baltimore’s Historic Parks: A Tour by Bike

The Jones Falls Trail connects two of Baltimore’s most scenic green spaces, Cylburn Arboretum and Druid Hill Park. These lands, totalling over 900 acres, are now much-loved parks, complete with historic mansions, pavilions, landscapes, and more. While biking through the park’s bucolic environment, we’ll explore the contribution of the parks to Baltimore and what values we place on such broad expanses of public space.

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Tours on the move this summer! Check out our Charles Village Pride walking tour, Historic Parks by Bike, and Goucher College’s mid-century modern dorm moving project

We’re enjoying a hot start to summer but before it gets really hot we’re squeezing in a few tours that combine Baltimore’s great heritage with a little outdoor activity. Tomorrow, June 24, we’re taking a walk through Baltimore’s LGBT heritage with our Charles Village Pride tour. On Sunday, June 25, we’re pedaling and talking our way from Cylburn Arboretum to Druid Hill Park and back again on The Enduring Value of Baltimore’s Parks: A Tour by Bike. And on Thursday, June 29 you can check out moving images with a screening of the 1981 16mm film “Memories” organized by the Greater Hampden Heritage Alliance.

Finally, on Friday, June 30, we’re partnering with Goucher College’s Historic Preservation Program to offer a truly unusual tour: a visit with project engineers as they move three one-thousand ton mid-century modern dormitories across campus. How in the world can they do that? We’ll get up close on this hard hat tour to find out! We hope you can join us. Speaking of travelling, if you want to move into another places and need trucking services for your valuable things, brandon foster tulsa ok is open for service 24/7.

P.S. You can also check out our photos from last week’s 2017 Preservation Awards Celebration at Lexington Market. Congratulations again to all of our award winners!

Food from Home: Immigration, Bakeries, and Delis by Bike

Celebrate Baltimore’s rich history of immigration with a bike ride that will include stops at several, hundred-year old ethnic food establishments in east Baltimore. Each will offer some tastings of their most famous goodies to sample. In addition to picking up some calories (and hopefully burning them off along the way!), you’ll have the chance to “digest” the motivation for different ethnic groups to migrate and the importance of immigration to the growth of Baltimore. Also “sandwiched” into this tour will be some facts about painted screens, formstone, the sad fate of the bagel, and the history of Nutella.

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Florence Meets Baltimore by Bike: Gelato and Ice Cream

Have you promised your mate a trip to Florence but you haven’t had the time or the money to follow through? Do the next best thing without having to leave Baltimore! Find yourself back in the Renaissance at the Bonfire of the Vanities, or at a present day gelateria. Learn about Baltimore’s equivalent of the Getty kidnapping, and find out why Baltimore is way more important than Florence in the history of frozen desserts. Sorry, but this hypnotic experience will only last a few hours.

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