Support our work through the Maryland Charity Campaign

Our work to protect and preserve Baltimore’s heritage is only possible thanks to the support of members who believe in our mission. If you are a state employee, this is a great time to become a member of Baltimore Heritage by making a gift through the Maryland Charity Campaign. The Maryland Charity Campaign is an annual workplace giving program that offers state employees the opportunity to contribute to charities using a convenient payroll deduction.

Make your gift of $35, $50, or whatever amount is right for you by filling in 5486 on your pledge card or the online form. For the first time this year, you can make an “Evergreen gift,” and your annual pledge amount can continue to renew annually through December 2013. Gifts made via check or credit cards are for one year and do not rollover. If you are not a state employee, you can still become a member by giving online today. In a very direct way, your help makes all that we do possible. Thank you for your past support and for joining us as we expand our leadership in protecting our shared history and revitalizing our historic neighborhoods.

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