New Five Minute Histories Project: Join Us to Virtually Explore Baltimore!

We are launching a new series called Five Minute Histories. Each day, we’ll record a short video about a different historic place in Baltimore. My on-site production crew consists of my 14 year old daughter and 15 year old son, and we are honoring Governor Hogan’s request and are doing this from home.

In the days ahead, we’ll explore Civil Rights history, mercantile history, immigration history, religious history, and a whole lot more. Although we sorely wish we could be out and about with you in person, please stay safe and check us out online each day as we try to bring a new historic site to you.

Click here to see all the videos and look for updates everyday! You can also go to our Facebook page or YouTube channel. 

— Johns Hopkins, Executive Director

P.S. If you have suggestions for places to explore, please shoot me an email!


  1. Carmen Jones says:

    This is so awesome that you’re doing this. I am in a Facebook group and just posted information about Sellers Mansion (801 N Arlington Street) in Lafayette Square. It’s a dilapadated mansion that each time I pass by it I just cry.

    I’ve been wanting Baltimoreans to do more to embrace it’s history and this just might be the perfect way to do so.

    Thank you so much.

    • Carmen Jones says:

      I’m sorry. I see that you’ve already posted about Sellers Mansion. How about Upton Mansion which I know was recently acquired by the Afro American newspaper or Hutzler’s mansion on Eutaw Place.

      I’m excited and can’t wait until this pandemic is over so I can do more to support your efforts.

      Thanks again

  2. Harvey L. Noyes says:

    I would love to know more about the Rogers House at 3506 Greenway, a manse with high brick walls around it that scuttlebutt said were to keep an insane family daughter from being seen as she paraded nude in the garden before 1900 or earlier. It has been JHU property since the 1950’s and housed the Project Thor group of JHU/ICR/BAL until that research was removed from university auspices in the late 1960’s antiwar protests. Currently it is used by JHU as a housing supplement. I and several other colleagues enjoyed the old manse when we worked there as Research Assistants during that time period.

  3. David Warshawsky says:

    I would like to bring to your attention that 10 Light Street is at the corner on Baltimore & Light,

    I grew up in 1940’s – 1956 Baltimore across from The Brown’ Estate, now known as the Mondawmin Shopping Center. The property was enclosed by a green fence where people would ride horses on the inside.

    I became associated with the Aetna Insurance Company and had a office in the Furnace Witty Building on South St. and moved to our new offices in 1970 to the 9th floor of the MD NAT BANK Building, 10 Light St.

    Over the years I was told that the building was known as:
    O’Sullivan Building
    Olin Mathison Building
    Maryland Nat Bank Building
    Bank of Am Building


    • Rudolph Varney says:

      Rudy Varney here! I worked in the Aetna’s Baltimore office in the Underwriting Department for Jim More from 1/1971 – 2/1973, before being transferred to Kansas City. I ended up in Dallas after a fabulous 40 year career with the Aetna.

      Although the Aetna’s Baltimore office was in an oder building, each morning, as I wanted for the light to change at the corner of East Baltimore and Light Streets, I would stand there and gaze upward at this iconic art deco-style red brick and limestone landmark. I could see gargoyle like sculptures of eagles, owls and even Maya-style human faces and at the very top, a distinctive, massive copper and 23 karat gold leaf mansard roof that could be seen for miles.

  4. audrey suhr says:

    Just learned about these 5-minute histories. What a PERFECT project, not only for these pandemic isolation times, but especially as schools are closed – so your teenagers can assist with the production – smile!

  5. Marguerite Patricia Gilner says:

    Your history of the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen is excellent. Thank you for sharing.

    If you have time, would you be able to do a story on the history of IND (Institute of Notre Dame). If you can gain access to the building, the stained glass windows in the chapel are gorgeous and the chapel is beautiful.
    Thank you!

  6. Gail Milne says:

    I have loved each of your 5 minute segments. But, I have not seen any since July 3. Have you stopped these shows? Will they continue at some point?

    Hope so.

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