Wayne Schaumburg (second from left) leading a Baltimore Heritage tour

Celebrating Noted Baltimore Historian Wayne Schaumburg

I am sad to report that Baltimore Heritage board member Wayne Schaumburg passed away last week. Wayne was a superstar at helping people fall in love with Baltimore. He developed and led tours at Green Mount Cemetery for something like 40 years and they will forever be known as the Wayne Schaumburg Tour. That’s how everyone in Baltimore refers to them! He also developed and led tours of the 1904 Fire downtown, which Baltimore Heritage was fortunate enough to have inherited. Wayne was a teacher in the city’s public schools for his career, but spent an equal amount of energy on helping Baltimore’s historic places. In addition to our board, he was a long time board member of the Irish Railroad Workers Museum and the Baltimore City Historical Society and other groups. And for something like 20 years, he gave lectures on Baltimore’s history to thousands of people all over the region. Almost anywhere I go, people ask me: “Do you know Wayne Schaumburg? He gives the best talks and tours!” In addition to all of this, if you had the privilege to know Wayne, I am sure you will agree that there was not a nicer person to walk on planet Earth.


  1. Mark Humphrey says:

    He was the Best! We became friends and I will
    Always admire his knowledge and friendship! We also agreed politically ! RIP!

  2. Pris Beachley says:

    Wayne was a wonderful, caring friend. We worked at Upton School 303 for 25 years teaching students who where confined to home. Wayne’s teleteaching classes were so enlightening to hear as I waited for my math classes to start right after his history classes. It was a privilege to hear his extraordinary knowledge of history.
    Wayne’s family shared our love of Ocean City, MD, when his twins, Jen & Tim & wife Judy would stay at our Norjo &Emily properties.
    It was a privilege to know him & he will be sorely missed.

  3. I taught in the room next to Wayne, and he indeed was a very nice, interesting fellow. I wonder if it will come to pass that of which he had mentioned quite a few times: He wanted his tombstone to read “ I’m History “

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