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Awards from the President to the Queen: Inside Hayles & Howe Ornamental Plasterwork and Scagliola

With awards from the President of the United States and the Queen of England, Hayles & Howe Ornamental Plasterwork and Scagliola is responsible for some of the most impressive plasterwork around. This includes the ceiling at Union Station in DC, the Virginia Capitol dome, and our own First and Franklin Church in Mt. Vernon. Please join us and the master crafts people at Hayles & Howe to get up close to plaster manufacturing the old-school way, including expansive pieces now in their studio for the restoration of a large theater in Philadelphia, which we will get to see in progress.

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Drinks at a storied historic bar and an architectural tour at a massive historic church

If you want to learn a little Baltimore history in a storied restaurant and bar, we’ve got you covered on Tuesday, March 6 for Baltimore on Show: A Behind the Scenes Tour and Drink at The Elephant. In addition to learning wonderful history, your fifteen dollar ticket includes the bar’s signature Tiffany Punch cocktail!

If you gravitate more towards fantastic architecture, join us on our Blending Gothic and Modern on a Massive Scale where will explore the rich details of the Cathedral of Mary our Queen (the third largest cathedral in the country!) on Thursday, March 15.

Finally, don’t forget to stop by the Hampden library tonight for a talk by Nathan Dennies on how Poole & Hunt became Clipper Mill! I hope to see you there.

A close view of a three-story brick building.

Napoleon’s Medical Box and 200 Years of History at MedChi

Since it started in 1799, the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of the State of Maryland (MedChi) can boast some notable achievements: the creation in 1807 of what became the University of Maryland School of Medicine, the establishment in 1830 of a medical library, and the creation of the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in 1839. Join us and MedChi historian Meg Fielding on a tour of this fantastic building and extensive library. If we’re lucky, we may even run into MedChi’s resident ghost: the longtime librarian Marcia Crocker Noyes who lived in a penthouse at the top of building and is rumored to make all sorts of noises in the library’s stacks.

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The entrance to a brownstone Gothic church building with a light blue and red door.

London Calling: Gothic Anglican Architecture at Grace & St. Peter’s Church and Rectory

The first true brownstone building in Baltimore, today’s Grace & St. Peter's church opened its doors in 1852. Architecturally, it was the first church built of stone in the city and with stained glass and floor tiles imported from England, the majestic interior of this Gothic Episcopal church harkens directly back to its Anglican origins. Please join us on a tour, and wine & cheese reception, of this handsome church and adjacent rectory.

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Mount Vernon Place and the Washington Monument: Monumental City Tour

Mount Vernon began as a country estate for Revolutionary War hero John Eager Howard and grew to be the place to live for Baltimore's rich and famous in the mid-nineteenth century. Join us on a tour to hear the stories behind the Washington Monument and see the landmarks of Baltimore’s grandest historic neighborhood. If your legs are strong, climb the Monument’s stairs for a birds-eye view of central Baltimore!

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