Our work at Baltimore Heritage includes directing and supporting a wide variety of projects including:

  • Research & Documentation
  • Reports & Publications
  • Digital History
  • Education
  • Archaeology

Read on for featured profile on a few featured projects.

Featured Projects

Projects and Partnerships

Through our awards program, partnerships and technical assistance we support the work of a wide variety of projects and partners. Our project directory is a broad look a preservation in Baltimore including features on exemplary rehabilitation and restoration projects and unique models for advocacy and outreach.


Archaeology of Labor and Immigration in Texas, Maryland

From 2009 to 2011, the Archaeology of Labor and Immigration Project at the University of Maryland led by Stephen Brighton conducted three archaeological field schools in the small quarry town of Texas in Baltimore County, Maryland, a source for lime as well as marble used in notable buildings such as the Washington Monument and the Capitol. Read more

We Dig Hampstead Hill! Searching for the War of 1812 in Patterson Park

Patterson Park, known as Hampstead Hill in the early 1800s, was the site of Baltimore’s major defensive position against a British land invasion in the War of 1812. With funding from the Maryland Heritage Area Authority and the National Park Service American Battlefield Protection Program, Baltimore Heritage completed an archaeological investigation of Patterson Park in spring 2014. Read more

Herring Run Park Archaeology

In fall 2014, Baltimore Heritage and the Northeast Baltimore History Roundtable undertook a volunteer-led archeological survey to identify archaeological sites in Herring Run Park associated with the Hall Springs Hotel and Ivy Hill Plantation. Read more

Digital History

Baltimore Heritage Digital Collections

Baltimore Heritage Digital Collections is a digital collection of maps, images, and documentary materials related to Baltimore history and architecture built with Omeka. Read more

Battle of Baltimore

The Battle of Baltimore is a digital tour guide to the people and places in and around Baltimore during the War of 1812. Through a website and app, the Battle of Baltimore connects residents, visitors, educators and students with 19th century accounts of historic places in Baltimore and easy-to-read short essays contributed by local historians. Read more

Baltimore 1814

Overview From January to December 2014, Baltimore Heritage shared stories from the day-to-day history of Baltimore’s people and places in 1814. Over the course of the year, we built an online collection of short stories on the history of Baltimore, the War of 1812, and the world of 1814. Hundreds… Read more

Rehabilitation and Restoration

The colorfully painted front facade of the Arch Social Club against a background of a blue sky with white clouds.
Arch Social Club

Overview In 2014, Baltimore Heritage honored the Arch Social Club, David H. Gleason Associates, Inc., and RAM Contracting Services for the renovation the Arch Social Club’s historic facade and the building’s contributions to the revitalization of Pennsylvania Avenue. The restoration of the facade of the Arch Social Club, formerly the… Read more

1010 North Calvert Street

Location 1010 North Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202 In 2014, Baltimore Heritage honored the Restoration and Rehabilitation of 1010 North Calvert Street with a Preservation Project Award. Located along one of the grand rows in historic Mt. Vernon, 1010 North Calvert Street involved a lot of work on a lot… Read more

Senator Theatre

Location 5904 York Road, Baltimore, MD 21212 The Senator Theatre is an icon in Baltimore’s and one of the city’s few historic landmarks on both its exterior and interior. In 2014, Baltimore Heritage honored the restoration of the Senator Theatre with a Preservation Project Award. The work on this 1939… Read more