The colorfully painted front facade of the Arch Social Club against a background of a blue sky with white clouds.

Arch Social Club


In 2014, Baltimore Heritage honored the Arch Social Club, David H. Gleason Associates, Inc., and RAM Contracting Services for the renovation the Arch Social Club’s historic facade and the building’s contributions to the revitalization of Pennsylvania Avenue.

The restoration of the facade of the Arch Social Club, formerly the 1912 Schanze Theater, makes the building a star attraction along Pennsylvania Avenue. The work included removing the blocked-in opening in the lower portion and restoring the deteriorated concrete throughout. The newly restored facade sparkles at this key intersection in West Baltimore and stands as a bright reminder of the areas great heritage and future promise.


2426 Pennsylvania Ave Baltimore, MD 21217


  • Arch Social Club
  • David H. Gleason Associates, Inc.
  • RAM Contracting Services