Our year exploring new places at Baltimore Heritage

West Baltimore Farmer's Market Walking Tour

You probably know already that this has been a big year for Baltimore Heritage. We brought hundreds of people out to 37 historic buildings and neighborhoods across the city and spent countless hours on research, documentation, and advocacy in neighborhoods including Ridgely’s Delight, Lafayette Square, Fell’s Point, and Downtown’s West Side.

One of this year’s most exciting programs was our fall series on Race and Place in Baltimore Neighborhoods with leaders and scholars in Upton, Greater Rosemont, and Sharp Leadenhall. In Greater Rosemont, we worked closely with members of the Evergreen Protective Association and Dr. Ed Orser from UMBC. Our group met regularly over the summer to discuss the history of the neighborhood and plan a route for our walking tour. When the event finally arrived on October 23, we had an incredible turnout of over 55 people joining us for a tour and staying for a discussion that linked the area’s complicated past to its future revitalization around the Red Line light rail corridor.

We repeated the tour a few days before Thanksgiving with a more modest turnout of 20 people–who still helped to make the last day of the West Baltimore Farmer’s Market a great success as they stocked up on fruits and vegetables for the holiday meal. That afternoon, I received one of the kindest remarks that I heard all year-

“Like all of Baltimore Heritage tours I find myself exploring new places (or old places in a new way) and gaining a deeper understanding of the City. The memory of this tour will carry over to my Thanksgiving meal, and the wonderful fall and winter crops I picked up at the West Baltimore farmer’s market. A wonderful reminder of my own pilgrimage on a warm Saturday morning in November.”

I know that our work matters to my friends and colleagues in West Baltimore and to people across the city. On the last day of the year, please support our work with a small donation of $35, $50, or anything that works well for you. Thank you very much for your generous support and have a happy New Year!

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