Maryland Historical Trust leads effort to update statewide preservation plan this spring

We’re glad to share a guest post from Tim Leahy who is working with the Maryland Historical Trust leading the update to our State Historic Preservation Plan. This plan is not just important to the Maryland Historical Trust but is intended to offer direction on preservation issues for everyone from local governments to non-profit advocacy organizations like Baltimore Heritage to individual citizens. In addition to his work with MHT, Tim serves as the Vice Chairman of the Annapolis Historic Preservation Commission and is a long-time volunteer with the Charles Carroll House of Annapolis.

January 2011, Maryland Historical Trust.
PreserveMaryland planning meeting, January 2011, Maryland Historical Trust.

Earlier this month, the Maryland Historical Trust announced the start of a new effort to update Maryland’s State Historic Preservation Plan. The goal of the preservation plan is to gain a full understanding of the issues facing historical and cultural resources in Maryland and to identify innovative strategies for their recognition, long term care, and enhancement. State historic preservation plans are prepared periodically, in part to comply with National Park Service requirements. Plans must be updated in order for state historic preservation offices to remain eligible to participate in programs that provide federal funding and support for local preservation efforts across the country. Maryland’s most recent statewide preservation plan was published in 2005.

MHT is conducting interviews with stakeholders this winter and planning a series of public forums across the state for spring and summer. MHT is also looking to get input from citizens in Baltimore and across the state of Maryland with an easy online survey. Find more information about the plan on the Maryland Historical Trust website or PreserveMaryland Facebook page. You can also contact Tim Leahy at (410) 514-7625 or with questions and comments.

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