Make a nomination for the 2012 Baltimore Heritage Preservation Awards

For over 50 years, Baltimore Heritage has granted awards from small rowhouse rehabs to major redevelopment and adaptive reuse projects. We’d love to hear from you this year with nominations for any people or organizations you think have worked especially hard to preserve our heritage or revitalize our historic neighborhoods. To give you a few ideas about the great projects that have won in the past, look out for more posts highlighting  2011 award winners over the next few weeks.

Take a look at our award categories and nomination guidelines or go ahead and make a nomination today. It only takes a few minutes to submit a nomination with a brief description of the project and contact information for project participants. Photographs (the more the better!) can be submitted by e-mail to or by mail on a CD sent to 11 1/2 West Chase Street. The deadline for submissions is April 4, 2012. Contact Johns Hopkins, Executive Director at or 410-332-9992 for more information.

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