A block of stone-faced four-story rowhouses with a clear blue sky in the background.
Rowhouses, 1200 block of N. Charles Street. Baltimore Heritage

This is your last chance to give in 2017

Today is your last chance to help Baltimore Heritage with a tax-deductible gift in 2017. Please don’t wait! Join or renew now or make a donation of any size. As a small nonprofit organization, your support goes a long way to help preserve historic places and revitalize historic neighborhoods in Baltimore.

We’re gearing up for a great 2018 and your gift of $5 or $500 can help as we…

  • … create new resources on maintenance for local nonprofits that use historic buildings as civic spaces for Baltimore residents.
  • …sustain our tours as we explore more historic churches, family-owned businesses, out-of-the-way neighborhoods, and other remarkable places in 2018.
  • …provide assistance to more community groups and property owners working to revitalize our historic neighborhoods.
  • …support our all-volunteer partners like the Herring Run Archaeology Project and the Greater Hampden Heritage Alliance.

Thank you again to all of you who volunteer with us and support us as members. Together, we’re making a difference in Baltimore. Happy New Year!