Join us for an upcoming heritage tour! We ride bikes, climb scaffolding, and walk up and down hilly streets on our tours of Baltimore’s historic buildings and neighborhoods all across the city. Check out our calendar of events below!





Historic Irvington

4004 Frederick Ave, Baltimore, MD 21229 4004 Frederick Ave, Baltimore, MD, United States

Join us to discover the past, present and future of Irvington, a leafy neighborhood nestled in Southwest Baltimore! Located on the old National Road and developed in 1874, this historic neighborhood is dotted with sublime pocket parks, peaceful gardens and vibrant murals created by the non-profit Cooperative Community Development Inc Group (the Cooperative). On this walk Johnny D. Martin, Board President of the Cooperative, and Baltimore Heritage's Executive Director Johns Hopkins will take us back through Irvington's history and showcase its bright future. Our tour will end at the Irvington Community Marketplace, so be ready to buy local!

$10 – $15

Out of the Ashes: The Great Baltimore Fire of 1904

The Replica Gaslight 300 E Baltimore St, Baltimore, MD, United States

In February 1904, Baltimore’s chief firefighter cabled Washington DC: “Desperate fire here. Must have help at once!” A tremendous fire was sweeping through downtown and showed little signs of stopping. Not until 5:00 p.m. the next day was the fire brought under control. Overall, it destroyed 1500 buildings, left 35,000 people unemployed, and damaged $150 million of property. Resilient Baltimore rebounded quickly, erecting new buildings, widening streets, and improving fire safety designs. Rising out of the ashes, Baltimore used the fire to rethink the city, and the downtown we know today is shaped largely by this incident. Join us on this walking tour as we see what 2500 degrees Fahrenheit heat can do to blocks of solid stone, learn how the fire shaped architecture locally and across the country, and hear the tale of one of the fire’s great heroes: Goliath the horse.

$10 – $15

Historic Ridgely’s Delight

Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum 216 Emory Street, Baltimore, MD, United States

For a tiny neighborhood squeezed between the University of Maryland and Camden Yards, Ridgely’s Delight contains an oversized history. George Washington slept here and Babe Ruth was born here! Join us to walk the preserved, picturesque streets of one of the earliest neighborhoods in Baltimore while we look back at the stories of both its famous visitors and the ordinary Baltimoreans who worked and raised their families here.

$10 – $15

The Irish Railroad Workers Museum: A Behind The Scenes Tour

Irish Railroad Workers Museum 918-920 Lemmon St, Baltimore, MD, United States

Join Baltimore Heritage on a special behind-the-scenes tour of the Irish Railroad Workers Museum with its managing director, Megan "Sammie" Samuels! This unique museum shares the lives of Irish immigrants, their communities, and legacy in America. Learn about the Great Hunger, also known as the Potato Famine, and walk through the restored home of 19th century Irish immigrants, James and Sarah Feeley. You’ll hear about their treacherous journey across the Atlantic and how they developed a new way of life in this vibrant, thriving city. After the tour, we will have time for light refreshments, questions and great conversation! We hope to see you there!

$10 – $15