Baltimore by BusOur private group tours are a perfect way to explore Baltimore, discover hidden landmarks and enjoy unique stories from over 200 years of local history. Let us know if we can host a tour for your professional meeting, academic conference, family reunion, or any other occasion. And don’t forget – visitors are always welcome on any of our public heritage tours!


Bus Tours

Please get in touch with our Tour Coordinator Molly Ricks at or 240-305-3984 for availability of bus tours. Pricing: $250 for 2 hours or $500 for full day (8 hours) 

Central Baltimore By Bus

  • Explore the highlights of what makes Baltimore “Baltimore” with this two hour bus tour through downtown Baltimore and central historic neighborhoods.  Includes a stop to stretch legs at Historic Union Square.

Full Day Baltimore By Bus

  • If you’re visiting Baltimore for the first or thirty-first time, this tour is a great way to get to know Baltimore (maybe better than most Baltimoreans).  It includes learning about rowhouses, alley houses, formstone, grand mansions, blue crabs, the War of 1812 and much more. We can tailor the trip to suit your timing needs.


Walking Tours

Please get in touch with our Tour Coordinator Molly Ricks at or 240-305-3984 for more information about scheduling a walking tour for your private group. Walking tours start at $125 for one hour. 

Baltimore’s Central Historic Neighborhood: Mt. Vernon Walking Tour

  • Explore Baltimore’s grandest historic neighborhood, Mt. Vernon, including stops inside two of the most spectacular interior spaces in the city: the Garrett Jacobs Mansion and the Peabody Library.
  • 1-2 hours (We can tailor the tour for any length from 1-2 hours)

Baltimore’s Civil Rights Heritage

  • Learn about the racial tensions and changes that have shaped Baltimore’s predominately African American historic neighborhoods bordering Pennsylvania Avenue while walking past sites that include Justice Thurgood Marshall’s school, Congressman Parren Mitchell’s home, and singer Billy Holliday’s hangouts.

Historic Downtown’s West Side

  • Walk through the historic core of Baltimore’s Downtown that is using its grand buildings and unique heritage to revitalize today.

Historic Jonestown and the Shot Tower

  • Anchored by the Phoenix Shot Tower, Historic Jonestown is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city and includes often overlooked landmarks. In addition to going inside the Shot Tower, on this tour you’ll learn about the city’s oldest religious building (Friends Meeting House) and the third oldest synagogue in the country (Lloyd Street Synagogue), and the longest-lived signer of the Declaration of Independence, Charles Carroll.

Federal Hill: Beyond the Views

  • Join us on a tour of Federal Hill and the surrounding neighborhood to learn about this waterfront community’s rich history, including stops at one of the last wooden houses in the city, the oldest house in Federal Hill, and of course, the hill we fortified to defend the city from the British in the War of 1812.

Gargoyles, Oh My: Look Up Downtown Walking Tour

  • Baltimore’s downtown has a thousand eyes peering down on unsuspecting pedestrians, from lions, grotesques, and fairies as well as gargoyles.  You’ll be surprised to see what’s just above our heads.

1904 Fire and How it Shaped Downtown Baltimore Walking Tour

  • Baltimore’s downtown was devastated by a tremendous fire in 1904.  Come learn how this shaped the city we know today, touch the only remnant of the fire still remaining, and learn about Baltimore’s history and architecture on this walking tour.