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We ride bikes, climb scaffolding, and walk up and down hilly streets on our tours of Baltimore’s historic buildings and neighborhoods all across the city. Check out our calendar of events below! 

America’s Oldest Ironworks: A Tour at G. Krug & Son

G. Krug & Son Ironworks 415 West Saratoga Street, Baltimore, MD, United States

As the nation’s oldest continuously operating ironworks company, G. Krug & Son literally has helped build Baltimore. For over 200 years, the firm has fabricated distinctive components of such notable landmarks as the Baltimore Basilica, the Washington Monument and the Baltimore Zoo. G. Krug began in 1810 by Augustas Schwatka, and by 1871, Gustav Krug became the sole proprietor of the “bell hanger and locksmith” company. G. Krug today is owned by Peter Krug, a fifth generation Krug ironworker, and continues to fabricate artistic ironwork in the same building where it was founded. Mr. Krug and his ironworking colleagues will lead our tour of the iron working shop and museum. We’ll be treated to archival blueprints, century-old rare pieces of ironwork that are no longer made anywhere, and their two hundred year old ironworks building where they produce wonderful pieces as they have for over two centuries. There will be a light wine and cheese reception.

$15 – $25

Historic Clifton Mansion

Clifton Mansion 2701 Saint Lo Drive, Baltimore, MD, United States

Join us for a tour inside Clifton Mansion, the unique Italianate country house that has overlooked Baltimore City for over 200 years! At one time the summer home of War of 1812 captain Henry Thompson and then philanthropist Johns Hopkins, the story of Clifton Estate is one about two prominent businessmen, enslaved & free Black people, and more. You’ll see the latest restorations made possible by the Friends of Clifton Mansion and Civic Works. You will also be invited into unrestored spaces that are brimming with stories to tell! And the tour wouldn’t be complete without climbing the tower and taking in one-of-a-kind views of Clifton Park and our surrounding city. We hope to see you there.

$10 – $15

Liberty Ship S.S. John W. Brown: A Behind The Scenes Tour

SS John W. Brown Pier 13, 4601 Newgate Ave, Baltimore, MD, United States

Join Baltimore Heritage on a special behind-the-scenes tour of S.S. John W. Brown, one of only two remaining, fully operational Liberty ships that participated in World War II. One of 384 vessels built at Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyard, S.S. John W. Brown could carry almost 9,000 tons of cargo, about the same as 300 railroad boxcars, and could transport every conceivable kind of cargo during the war - from beans to bullets. On November 15, join us to go below deck and explore this preserved piece of history!

$15 – $25

Neighborhood Corner Bar Walking Tour

Baltimore Museum of Industry 1415 Key Hwy, Baltimore, MD, United States

Join Baltimore Heritage and BMI curator Rachel Donaldson for a walking tour of neighborhood corner bars, past and present, along Fort Avenue. Ticket includes parking and museum admission. The tour route is about one mile total.

$15 – $20