Baltimore Building of the Week: Family and Children’s Services

This week’s Baltimore Building of the Week from Dr. John Breihan is a Gothic cottage used by Family and Children’s Services of Central Maryland.

Image courtesy Jack Breihan

The early Gothic Revival style did not lend itself to rowhouse design, but steep-gabled cottages, sometimes with bargeboarding or “gingerbread” moldings often appear along older road and turnpike routes out of Baltimore. A particularly pretty example, on Lanvale Street in Bolton Hill, has long been used and maintained by the Family and Children’s Services of Central Maryland. Originally designed by Robert Cary Long, Jr., in 1848, it also features bay windows added by Edmund G. Lind in 1862 and a side porch by Lawrence Hall Fowler in 1915.


  1. Alex says:

    Dear Eli,

    I am researching this building for its new non-profit owner, Bolton Hill Nursery, as well as for Professor Donald Linebaugh, who I am aware you are quite familiar with.

    I had an alternative date of 1966 for the Edmund Lind bay windows. I was wondering what sources you cited in this description. Please email me a.s.a.p. @ Thank you. – Alexander Toprac

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