[Baltimore 1814: January 8-15] “Cloudy morning,” a “book of designs” for the Washington Monument, and Baltimore at Sea

Courtesy Drew Peslar, Smithsonian.
Courtesy Drew Peslar, Smithsonian.

This week’s Baltimore 1814 stories include much more than just news about the “cloudy morning” of January 15, 1814:

Read on for a few items from one of our newest themes: Baltimore At Sea – featuring the stories of seamen, shipbuilders, privateers and the United States Navy. Thanks to volunteer Dennis Lilly for his help in launching this new series!

Missed last week? Check out last week’s update or go read the story of Jean Pierre Morel de Guiramand, a refugee from the Haitian Revolution, received a patent a new “power loom” on January 7, 1814.

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