2010 Preservation Awards: John Manley House

John Manley House before and after, Image courtesy hord | coplan | macht

This week’s entry in our series of 2010 Baltimore Heritage Preservation Awards is the John Manley House. Formerly St. Dominic’s Parish School, the John Manley House at 5304 Harford Road involved taking two school building dating to the early twentieth century and converting them into low-income housing for seniors. Preserving features like the clay tile roof, terrazzo floors, and trim-work were priorities. Even the chalkboards were preserved and reused as message boards for the residents. The result is a fantastic new residence for thirty lucky seniors and a well preserved set of historic buildings. The Adaptive Reuse and Compatible Design Award was awarded to architect  Hord Coplan Macht and contractor Southway Builders.

Interior before and after, image courtesy hord | coplan | macht
Thresholds and hallways, image courtesy hord | coplan | macht

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