2010 Preservation Awards: Falls Road Residence

Today’s post is the beginning of a new category for our 2010 Baltimore Heritage Preservation Award winners.  The Restoration and Rehab Award recognizes that restoration or rehabilitation of historic commercial, institutional or residential buildings that have maintained the basic historic function of the building. Our first award-winner in this category is the Hampden Residence of Ezra Hercenberg at 3415 Falls Road.

Image courtesy Julie Tice

With new vinyl siding on the front and every single window missing, the building at 3415 Falls Road appeared an unlikely candidate for any type of historic preservation project.  Undaunted, the owner, Ezra Hercenberg, and his architect Julie Tice, charged in.  They removed the vinyl to reveal original German siding, which they preserved in place.  They repaired the porch, saving as much original material as they could, and they even were able to preserve the original cornice.  The end result is a wonderfully restored historic structure that brings new life to the Hamden historic district.

Image courtesy Julie Tice

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