Project Type: Rehabilitation

1010 North Calvert Street


1010 North Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

In 2014, Baltimore Heritage honored the Restoration and Rehabilitation of 1010 North Calvert Street with a Preservation Project Award.

Located along one of the grand rows in historic Mt. Vernon, 1010 North Calvert Street involved a lot of work on a lot of great historic materials. The project included stripping and reusing windows and doors, plastering walls and ceilings, and installing new plumbing and electrical throughout the building. And that was only after the building underwent complete brick and stone restoration (including the stoop). Even the signature Queen Anne’s windows were retained and restored.


1010 North Calvert, LLC, East End Design Group, Ian Sokoloski, Recovery Home Improvement, Inc.

Senator Theatre


5904 York Road, Baltimore, MD 21212

The Senator Theatre is an icon in Baltimore’s and one of the city’s few historic landmarks on both its exterior and interior. In 2014, Baltimore Heritage honored the restoration of the Senator Theatre with a Preservation Project Award.

The work on this 1939 building included restoring the main auditorium, the wonderful lobby with its terrazzo floor and wood paneling, and the original cinema tapestry mural, which was removed, repaired, and reaffixed in its original location. With three new additional movie auditoriums added and updated projection equipment throughout, the work has restored a Baltimore gem and given it life for years to come.


Senator Theater, LLC, A.R. Marani, Acoustical Design Collaborative, LTD, Allen N. Walpert & Son, Inc., American Piping & Fire Protection Contractors, Inc., Baltimore Development Corporation, Barons Stage Curtains, Betty Bird & Associates LLC, Burton & Burton Painting Inc., Caplan Brothers Glass, Inc., Castro/Arts, D.L. Boyd Inc., Department of Housing and Community Development, Forakis Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc., Hertzbach & Company, James Standiford, Jason Delmaro, JB Hayes Mechanical Contractor, Inc., Joe Adamczyk, John McFadden Holiday Display, Jonathan Maxwell Studios, JVS Steel, Inc., Maryland Historical Trust, Maryland Septic Tank & Sewer Company, Masters Construction, Matthew Mosca, Mercury Masonry, Inc., Metro Technical Services, Michael J Walkley PA, Norman Wesson, Precision Concrete Construction, Pyramid Door & Hardware, R.B. Fulton Co., Inc., R. Thomas Frock Inc., Sessa Sheet Metal Contractors, Inc., Siegel, Rutherford, Bradstock & Ridgeway, Sydney Hopkins, Thea Osato, Thomas Brown Woodwright, Thomas Moore Studios.

The colorfully painted front facade of the Arch Social Club against a background of a blue sky with white clouds.

Arch Social Club


In 2014, Baltimore Heritage honored the Arch Social Club, David H. Gleason Associates, Inc., and RAM Contracting Services for the renovation the Arch Social Club’s historic facade and the building’s contributions to the revitalization of Pennsylvania Avenue.

The restoration of the facade of the Arch Social Club, formerly the 1912 Schanze Theater, makes the building a star attraction along Pennsylvania Avenue. The work included removing the blocked-in opening in the lower portion and restoring the deteriorated concrete throughout. The newly restored facade sparkles at this key intersection in West Baltimore and stands as a bright reminder of the areas great heritage and future promise.


2426 Pennsylvania Ave Baltimore, MD 21217


  • Arch Social Club
  • David H. Gleason Associates, Inc.
  • RAM Contracting Services