Gundry/Glass Hospital


Originally known as “Athol,” the large stone structure on the property was designed by Baltimore architect, T. Buckler Ghequier, the grandson of Robert Carey Long, Sr. (1760-1833), as a home for Charles Joseph Baker. Dr. Alfred T. Gundry acquired the property after Baker’s death and his family continued to operate the facility as a women’s sanitarium from the early 1900s through the late 1980s. Psychiatrist Dr. Sheldon Glass around 1988 and expanded the facility as a psychiatric hospital. The hospital facility closed in 1998 and the building has remained vacant up through the present. During the redevelopment of Uplands, Baltimore Heritage secured a commitment from Baltimore Housing to avoid any demolition. Unfortunately, continued neglect with no active plans for redevelopment places the building at significant risk of deterioration.


2 N. Wickham Road, Baltimore, MD 21229