600 block of West Lexington Street


This row of eight, slightly altered, red brick buildings on the North Side of the 600 block of West Lexington Street most likely dates from the 1840s. The south side of the same block and that of the 500 block contain sporadic buildings from the same period, but many original buildings in these rows have been demolished or severely altered. The row on the North side of the 600 block has survived largely intact.


600 W. Lexington Street, Baltimore, MD

Our Approach

The University of Maryland at Baltimore, which now owns the block, has indicated that it intends to preserve the houses. In April 2006, the University signed an agreement with the Maryland Historical Trust agreeing to preserve this row of pre-Civil War historic buildings. Baltimore Heritage first included this block on Lexington Street in 2002, before the University of Maryland’s commitment. The University’s commitment has greatly advanced the prospects for preservation and renovation, but to date no work has been done.