Photograph by Auni Gelles, 2015 December 5.
Photograph by Auni Gelles, 2015 December 5.

Baltimore Heritage features a number of ongoing educational programs to research, document, share, and celebrate Baltimore’s rich architectural and cultural heritage. Our programs include both special events and ongoing research and preservation programs.

Baltimore Modernism Project

The Baltimore Modernism Project is an effort by the D:center Baltimore together with the Baltimore Architecture Foundation and Baltimore Heritage to highlight the history of the modern movement in Baltimore architecture through exhibits and programs. Learn more.

Centennial Homes

The Baltimore Centennial Homes project, developed in collaboration between Baltimore Heritage and City Councilman James Kraft, recognizes families that have been in the same house for 100 years or more. Learn more.

Explore Baltimore Heritage

Explore Baltimore Heritage is a website and smartphone application for both iPhone and Android devices featuring historic buildings and neighborhoods from across the city. Learn more.

LGBT Heritage

Baltimore Heritage has started a new initiative to highlight the historic places significant to Baltimore’s LGBT community through tour and education programs. Learn more.

Race and Place in Baltimore Neighborhoods

Past program series exploring the history of segregation, civil rights, and community development in historically African-American Baltimore neighborhoods. Learn more.

Witness to the War of 1812

Through tours, research and more, we’re remembering the history of the War of 1812 together with the Baltimore landmarks that witnessed the battles that shaped our city’s history. Learn more.