Monument conservation in action: a man in a cherry picker lift cleans the mouth of the horse that Marquis de Lafayette rides
A conservator performing a hot wax treatment to prevent future corrosion to the bronze surface of Lafayette’s horse. Photograph by Zachary Tatti.

The Adopt-A-Monument citywide partnership program supports the ongoing maintenance of Baltimore’s historic monuments by professional conservators.

Recognizing the importance of maintaining these public works of art and the reality that the city’s budget cannot cover all these costs, the Adopt-A-Monument program invites individuals and organizations to make an annual contribution to ensure the preservation of these monuments. 

Since the program’s creation in 1992, 31 private citizens, institutions, foundations and businesses have adopted 25 different monuments. Fund advisers Cindy Kelly, Sandy Sparks, and Kathleen Kotarba manage this program in partnership with Baltimore Heritage. 

Interested in adopting a monument? Contact Baltimore Heritage by email or by phone at 410.332.9992.  

Learn more by downloading the Adopt-a-Monument brochure or info sheet. Read about each monument by clicking on the pins below.

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