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Baltimore Heritage features a number of ongoing educational history programs to research, document, share, and celebrate Baltimore’s rich architectural and social heritage. Our programs include both special events and ongoing research and documentation programs.

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Explore Baltimore Heritage — Local history in your pocket

Discover the stories behind Baltimore’s historic buildings and neighborhoods with our Explore Baltimore Heritage website and smartphone application! Explore our digital collection of stories and historic images or download for iPhone and Android devices. Learn more about the Explore Baltimore Heritage project and our partners.

New community history partners!

Greater Hampden Heritage Alliance

Greater Hampden Heritage AllianceWe are excited to highlight our new partnership with the Greater Hampden Heritage Alliance—an exciting new resident-led effort formed in early 2014 to bring attention to the Hampden area’s rich history, from the shops on the Avenue, to the mills and the people who worked in them. Their goal is to preserve the stories and places of the past through community engagement. Learn more about their projects and upcoming events.

Northeast Baltimore History Roundtable

The Northeast History Roundtable was formed in partnership with Baltimore Heritage in 2014 to foster knowledge of and appreciation of this area’s rich history. Members are currently working on the Lauraville Heritage Project, which will include self-guided and speaker-guided walking tours, the collection of oral histories, and articles about early residents and life in Lauraville. Learn more.

Centennial Homes — Families at the heart of historic neighborhoods

The Baltimore Centennial Homes project, developed in collaboration between Baltimore Heritage and City Councilman James Kraft, recognizes families that have been in the same house for 100 years or more. Learn more about our Centennial Homes program.



Baltimore 1814

Baltimore 1814 is an online collection of short stories on the history of Baltimore, the War of 1812, and the world of 1814. Throughout all of 2014, check out new short stories every week highlighting events that took place on the same date in 1814. Most of our stories are set in Baltimore but occasional features on events in Maryland and around the world will help us see our city’s, history in a broader context.

Check out Baltimore 1814 today or go directly to a few of our favorite stories like St. Patrick’s Day in Baltimore or the Francis Asbury memorial for William Otterbein or the origins of the design of Baltimore’s Washington Monument.


LGBTQ Heritage

Baltimore Heritage has started a new initiative to highlight the historic places significant to Baltimore’s LGBT community through tour and education programs. Learn more about our LBGTQ Heritage programs and partnerships.

Race and Place in Baltimore Neighborhoods

Dr. Ed Orser at Lauretta Avenue, October 23, 2010.
Dr. Ed Orser at Lauretta Avenue, October 23, 2010.

Race and Places in Baltimore Neighborhoods explored the history of segregation, civil rights, and community development in historically African-American Baltimore communities. Learn more about Race and Place in Baltimore Neighborhoods.

Witness to the War of 1812

Battle Monument, 1900Through tours, research and more, we’re remembering the history of the War of 1812 together with the Baltimore landmarks that witnessed the battles that shaped our city’s history. Learn more.

Recent Updates

Parren Mitchell and 1805 Madison Avenue: A landmark witness to Baltimore’s fight for Civil Rights

April 29, 2015

Today marks 93 years since Parren James Mitchell was born here in Baltimore on April 29, 1922. While well-known to a generation of Baltimore voters, Morgan State students and fellow activists, some might not recognize the name of the former Congressman. Parren Mitchell is remembered as the first black graduate student to receive… Read more

Maryland Traditions honors Baltimore’s famous painted screens with a 2014 ALTA Award

December 22, 2014

Earlier this month, Maryland Traditions recognized Baltimore’s famous painted screens and the stewards of this unique rowhouse art at the 2014 ALTA Awards. Please enjoy a few photographs from the evening by Edwin Remsberg Photographs and join us in congratulations Elaine Eff and all of the screen painters who sustain this tradition today! Read on for… Read more