What is Baltimore Heritage?

Founded in 1960, Baltimore Heritage, Inc. is Baltimore’s nonprofit historic and architectural preservation organization. With two staff members, 33 volunteer board members, and a host of volunteers, we work to preserve and promote Baltimore’s historic buildings and neighborhoods.

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Founded in 1960 and going strong more than 50 years later. Learn more.

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Photograph by Helgi Olgeirsson, Baltimore City Paper, May 23, 2014.

News: Brutal Reckoning: Developers are anxious to tear down the Mechanic Theatre and McKeldin Fountain, even without a plan (or money) to replace them

October 14, 2014

Brutal Reckoning: Developers are anxious to tear down the Mechanic Theatre and McKeldin Fountain, even without a plan (or money) to replace them, Fred Scharmen, Baltimore City Paper, October 14, 2014. The Morris A. Mechanic Theatre is the first victim of what could be seen as a new wave of demolition. “In the end, this mess over …

Photograph by Kim Hairston, Baltimore Sun, October 8, 2014.

News: Baltimore blacksmith shop to run nonprofit museum

October 14, 2014

Baltimore blacksmith shop to run nonprofit museum, Arthur Hirsch, The Baltimore Sun, October 14, 2014. Sparks started flying at the blacksmith shop on West Saratoga Street when James Madison was president of the United States, and a crew there is still on the job, now operating in a hybrid historical museum and working business… “It’s …

Photograph of the Barye Lion by Renee Bieretz, 2009. Courtesy Library of Congress, Historic American Landscapes Survey, HALS MD-1-82.

Two Baltimore walking tours with two local authors in Mount Vernon Place and Catonsville

October 9, 2014

On our busy schedule of programs this fall, we’re pleased to have two great authors leading two heritage walking tours.  Ms. Cindy Kelly, author of Outdoor Sculpture in Baltimore: A Historical Guide to Public Art in the Monumental City, is leading a tour of public sculpture on Mount Vernon Place this Saturday! If you’ve been on one …